New Features

Knowledge Set

        A conceptual video introduction to Knowledge Sets


        A hands on, instructional video tutorial on Knowledge Sets

         An instructional video tutorial on how to build a Search Query

        An instructional video tutorial on how to add parameters to a Search Query

Renaming of the inorigo® modules

We have renamed the inorigo modules with the purpose of giving them names that reveal their capabilities. What was previously known as the Portal is now called the Workbench. The Workbench comes with three tools: The Model Builder (previously inorigo Manager), the Application Builder (previously called inorigo Verso) and the new Knowledge Set Builder. What was previously called a Verso View is now called an inorigo Application.

Old Terminology New Terminology
Manager Model Builder
Verso Application Builder
(Verso) View Application
Portal Workbench

Improved Features

Lazy loading of cells in Matrix (4.7.3)

Expressions in cells in the Matrix component are evaluated upon request from browser. This significantly reduce time to receive a (visible) result when calculations are extensive.

Web Service API for Application Runtime (4.7.3)

Enables Web pages to interact with Applications using JavaScript, a very useful useful for integration of Velocity Pages. Find more under the API documentation

Knowledge Set can be returned as a tree-structure via the API (4.7.3)

More information under the API documentation.

Knowledge Set: Compact paths enabled for API (4.7.3)

More information under the API documentation.

Push Settings Removed (4.7.3)

Since Web Sockets now is a mature technology the need for this control has been deemed obsolete.
Performance also gains from removing this.

Brand new Application Navigator pane (4.7.1)

The Application Navigator now consists of two tabs, Panels & Components and Filter Structure.


Panels & Components displays all panels and the Filter Components that they contain in the application. Press New Panel to add a panel to the application.

Filter structure only displays filter component structure, and allows you to hide and expand connected components by pressing the plus or minus symbol. You can find full description of the new Application Navigator here


Improved sidebar navigation (4.7.1)

Selection indications sidebar has been improved.
It is now possible to use the arrow keys to navigate the sidebar and to open a selected item in the sidebar with the Enter key. Hold down Ctrl and press the browser reload button to reload the application and remove the cache.


New help icon in the expression editor (4.7.1)

The tabs Expression Functions and Expression Parameters has been removed from the Control Panel in Application Builder.

A help button has been introduced to the Expression Editor, clicking it reveals a menu as displayed in the image

How to use the editor… opens a help chapter on how to use the editor on

Functions documentation… opens ExpressionistFunctions (in API documentation), containing all functions available in Expressions.


Open Limited can now be specified (4.7.1)

Open limited is used to disable or limit the data in  each filter component in an application. The function has been improved to allow the user to specify the limitation of rows per component to be loaded.


Knowledge Set: reorder headers in result (4.7.1)

The order of the columns in a knowledge set may also be customized by dragging and dropping the column header. Top headers can be reordered freely, and sub-headers can be reordered underneath the top header as the image displays.


Naming initial base Queries (4.7.1)

If the initial base query (the first query in a knowledge set) starts with Definition is a kind of  X the query is named Table #1

If the initial base query starts with a definition = X, the query is named X.


Improved user experience when editing queries in Knowledge Sets (4.7.1)

When creating a Knowledge Set where you are able to join with an attribute that has “Is a kind of” [something] as criterion and press Edit the “Is a kind of” = [something] is now in the criterion, just as if you joined with an attribute where Definition =/Is a kind of [something]


Copy cell values from Knowledge Sets (4.7.1)

It’s possible to copy cell values from the result matrix in Knowledge Sets and Queries by right-clicking and choosing Copy Cell Value


New Application Display Mode has been to control Application layout (4.7.1)

A new Display Mode has been introduced in order to easily control Application layout. This will set the visibility of its main components Title, Toolbar, User and Footer according to the matrix below.

Mode Title Toolbar Footer User Remark
Browser true true true true Default when an Application is opened in a separate browser tab.
Component false false true false Default when an Application Component is opened in a separate browser tab.
Embedded false true false false Default when an Application is embedded within an other Application (The Web Page component).
Gadget false true false false Default when an Application is displayed within the inorigo Workbench.
Portlet true true true true Use this mode when displaying an Application as a portlet within an external web page.
Stripped false false false false Use this mode in order to show only the actual content of an Application.





To override the default settings for each Display Mode simply supply a separate parameter for each component. (e.g &Toolbar=true&Footer=false)


Please remove all other settings (i.e standalone,showheader etc) since these are deprecated and might not work in future releases.

These Display Mode parameters added to the URL overrule default display settings.


Variables for Explicit and Implicit selections has been added (4.7.1)

Separate variables for Explicit and Implicit selections has been added, in order to make these subsets available in Expressions.

Variable Example
explicit @p1.explicit
implicit @p1.implicit


Hiding the presentation field in the Attribute Value Panel (4.7.1)

Presentation fields are now treated as system attributes and are no longer visible when editing Association Definitions in a web application.


Tabs in applications with only one visible tab have been removed (4.7.1)

If an application only contains one visible tab and one or more hidden tabs, it now looks in the same as if it only contained one visible tab and no hidden tabs.


Disabled attributes removed from the Connections Panel (4.7.1)

When connecting from one filter component to another, the Connections Panel no longer show the disabled attributes. The panel now only show enabled attributes to improve user experience.


Make list Knowledge Set operation return EntityDTOs (4.7.1)

To make the API more coherent, the Knowledge Set service has been changed to return EntityDTO’s instead of the current list of name / id pairs.

NOTICE! These and other changes to the API may effect operations in use, testing and code changes might be required. See issue CPFPDT-3354


Several entities can be updated in one request in the Swagger API (4.7.1)

The update (PUT) method in the API only accepts a single EntityDTO.
Make it aligned with the create (POST) method that accepts several DTO’s per request. This is documented in the swagger inorigo API


Minor style changes to Applications (4.7.1)

  • Upper round edges are removed from Title and Menu Bar.
  • Created has been moved into the Tool-tip of the reload button.
  • Margins has been made smaller.


New Web Page Component Display options (4.7.1)

Display settings lets you choose between embedding the webpage in a window, adding it as a link, or as a button. If link or button is selected, you may format the colour and size of the text in the link/on the button.

If the content of the web page component is an inorigo application, you may toggle the visibility of the title and toolbar with Title Visible and Toolbar Visible

Use the component Title to write the text for the button/link


Integrated Security (4.7.1)

It’s now possible to use domain-based users (rather than database users) when connecting from inorigo to external databases. You can read more about this implementation in the internal documentation under System Configuration


New keyboard shortcut to open applications from the application builder (4.7.1)

Press Ctrl + Shift + Click on either the Home button or an Application from the Application Builder Start Screen to immediately open the Application in the default browser.


Word wrap removed in attribute value panel field titles (4.7.1)



Selector items made smaller and faster (4.7.1)

The identity of Selector Items has been changed from UUID to Integer, reducing memory footprint and improving performance in selections.


Removal of scripts incompatible with SQL 2016 (4.7.1)

An effort has been made to clear out scripts that are no longer used and to make those that are used compatible with SQL 2016


Better handling of faulty Legacy Querys (4.7.1)

Stability in client applications improved when searching for objects that have broken reference(s) in attribute definition.
WARNINGS with stack traces will be written to the Server Log, including information to trace and correct the problem.


New log in screen

The login screen has been redesigned.

Attribute References support is a kind of

is a kind of has been moved from Relations to Attribute Control

The search panel in the model and application builder now honors is a kind of when displaying searchable attributes and attribute references.  The number of references shown in this panel, and in the connections panel in the model and application builder are drastically fewer in this version, as it now only shows enabled attributes and references and no attributes that lack a value set definition or is a kind of altogether. This change does not only improve usability, the loading time as well.


Grid improvements for the Aggregation and Matrix Components

Grids in the Matrix Component and Aggregation Component can now toggle rendering of Icons and Row Headers, using menu commands under web layout options in the Application Builder as the images below displays.

All grids can now also be sorted by the user on multiple columns by clicking on the column headers. Users may also  clear the sorting through the menu command reset sorting.


It is now possible to block access to certain information units centrally and have them honored throughout inorigo.

Observe! Users still see the units in a list (i.e. Filter Component), but may not open them up and look inside, at the unit attribute values.

For example, Amy is using the Project Portfolio Navigator, but does not have access to instances of Projects. Amy can still see all the Projects in the list, but the Open option, that would allow her to look at the Project details, is disabled.

This improved feature is configured by a system administrator using AuAuthRecords.

Improved icon handling

The overall efficiency for handling icons has been greatly improved by introducing an Entity-to-Icon mapping in Application Builder Runtime Data in order to minimize server load and database access.


Server Cache Improvements

The following cache related performance improvements has been made

  • Multiple icon and Definition Attribute caches has been removed.
  • Multiple Definition Attributes caches has been removed.
  • Multiple Base Attribute caches has been replaced by one central faster and simpler version.
  • Multiple Attribute Properties cache has been replaced by one central faster and simpler version


Server Memory Leak Improvements

Memory leak from Application Data has been greatly reduced and in some instances completely removed for web access.


Improved Performance when loading units

The value set determining the content of a combo box in matrix cells, search queries and unit general tabs has been optimized. The improvement in load time is especially noticeable when opening many units in a matrix, but has positive effect on the search and when opening units in the Model Builder and Application Builder.


Do not download application when already open

When using the context menu in a web Applications to open object(s) in Model Builder, the application is only downloaded the first time. This will speed up work significantly.


Client application size and position

Model Builder and Application Builder windows will be sized to fit all known connected monitors. This will ensure that the user easily can drag the new window to any monitor and continue work.
On application start, the window will be placed on the default monitor, otherwise on the same monitor as the “parent” window from where it was started. Starting position is close to the the top left corner of the monitor.


Text length setting for Connection Graph

This setting in Inorigo® Application Builder allows user to increase or decrease text length from the default 30 characters


Html Resource type icon

An icon for the Resource types text/html (htm) and text/html (html) have been added to be able to manage and recognize the file types.

Character set UTF-8 on client

JNLP File has been changed to supply JVM argument “-Dfile.encoding=UTF8”


Color attribute indication

Colors now have border indication when explicit or implicit selected in filter box


Colors in Application Builder

Colors are rendered as colors rather than color codes in Application Builder

Upgrading from previous version

As of version 4.7 the following third party products are required;

  • SQL server 2016
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5.16
  • Java JDK 1.8u162

This means that upgrading from any previous version of Inorigo® requires new database server and a complete re-installation of Inorigo® service to support these requirements.


Unlocking entities for editing in the Workbench

inorigo units can be viewed and edited in the Workbench. Right click on it (either in a Query result or in the Bookmarks Library) and choose Open. Unlock the padlock to make changes to the unit and then Save or Revert the changes.


Faster loading speed in Applications

Legacy Search Trees in Filter Components are now directly converted from XML into Filter Queries, resulting in a faster Application load time.

Updated right click menu in Workbench

Now contains

    • Open
    • Open in new browser tab
    • Model Builder
      • Open Unit
      • Open in Matrix
    • Bookmark this
    • Remove Bookmark


Html sort property in Matrix

A new property has been introduced to the generated html called sort and it’s value will be used for sorting html columns on the web. Value must be enclosed in single quotes.


Added Swedish text keys

Missing text keys for Swedish language have been added, among others Portal, Application menus, Attribute Value Panel and Aggregation table.


Filter disabled attributes and attribute references in Connections panel

The More connections… panel in Application Builder does not show disabled attributes and attribute references anymore.


Calculation box default font size

The default font size have been changed from 40 to 14.


Classifies Relation Patch

A database patch has been created that add the Classifies relation for, for example, Association Definition, Generic Type and Generic Unit. This means that in a new inorigo instance, there is no need to specify this manually in the Relation Specifier panel in the Model Builder.


Entity fromTime

The fromTime value when items are created in Inorigo® can now be accessed via expressions; e.g. $GET(@pX, “fromTime”). This is the same value found in Model Builder Change log tab in Inorigo® Model Builder. It will also be available for Methods and Knowledge Set Builder.


Inorigo® Model Builder Tools option Generate XSD removed

The option is not used by any customer, hence it is removed.


Only one Connections panel allowed simultaneously

In previous versions of Inorigo®, more than one panel was allowed at the same time. This was perceived as causing messy situations why only one panel is allowed.


A new user friendly REST API

Supports GET, POST, PUT and DELETE for Generic Model objects, class UnUser and the new KnowledgeSet. This API also supports generating new entity ID’s for use in (e.g.) external applications.
The new API is available from Inorigo Portal address, just replace /ui with /services
The new API has been made interactive by using Swagger/Swagger UI. It is also possible to use generate WADL (Web Application Description Language) for import in external tool like SOAP UI.


Service API Changes

Namespace has been removed for all inorigo types in order to make the XML footprint smaller.
JSON Serialization improved by using an other better Jackson provider.
CXF Upgrade to 3.1.12.
Address change for method getValueSetValues()
All deprecated methods using GlobalEntity removed. Including lookup!
GlobalDefinitionAttribute::definitionName removed
GlobalDefinitionAttribute::properties XML changed

Execution API Changes

Class name change from EntityValueSupplier to EditableEntity.
ExecutionAPI method name changes accordingly.
Added Validation functionality to EditableEntity
All deprecated methods using GlobalEntity removed.

Added access to the simplified API:s in Velocity

Access to the simplified API:s in Velocity has been added via the following variables




For more details see API-documentation (JavaDoc) on https://…/documents/javadoc/com/inorigo/velocity/VelocityFunctionality.html


Applications should not depend on server internet access

Some components require internet access at the server. When internet access (temporarily) is not available, this now only affects the component requiring internet access, e.g. World map.

Remove the Prefuse Graph in Inorigo® Model Builder

Graph tab and the related code in Inorigo® Model Builder have been removed since it is never used.

Tomcat web server

Upgrading to Inorigo® version 4.7.0,  it is required that Tomcat is upgraded to version 8.5.16.
Tomcat configuration change I, no longer supporting protocol TLSv1
Tomcat configuration change II, the configuration is changed to force the use of UTF8 character set ( -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 ) which is normal for internet services.

Java on server

The standard Java (JDK) version installed on server will be 1.8u162.

Server discovery disabled

The Server Discovery Beacon is no longer started since it is never used. There are alternative methods to detect a running Inorigo® service.

3rd party product(s) upgrade

JIDE component that supports the code written for Model Builder and Application Builder. This means that portions of the code affecting any of JIDE Docking Framework, Components, Grids, Dialogs, Action Framework, Shortcut Editor, Pivot Grid, Code Editor, Feed Reader, Dashboard, Data Grids, Charts, Gantt Chart and Diff has been modified or rewritten.

Vaadin8 that renders the outlook on web has been updated to version 8.2.1 (from version 7.7.0). This means that portions of the code affecting any component like Filter boxes, Grouped Headers, Excel export, Attribute Value panel, Application Configuration and Statistics, Logs panel, supporting Criteria panels and structured objects have been modified or rewritten.

The update effects the looks of some inorigo Applications

Old version Vaadin 8
All Components are now framed with grey border
Mandatory fields (with multiplicity 1) now have red asterisks instead of a red dotted field.
Filled out mandatory fields (with multiplicity 1) are now marked with black asterisks



Resolved Issues


Fix Version(s) Key Summary
4.7.3 CPFPDT-3522 Create Resource ignores ID
4.7.3 CPFPDT-3515 Resource API fails to decode data
4.7.3 CPFPDT-3492 Pet Store example in API
4.7.3 CPFPDT-3480 Search Primitive using old query format
4.7.3 CPFPDT-3433 Filter boxes content disappears
4.7.3 CPFPDT-3427 Application does not always open
4.7.3 CPFPDT-3419 Presentation string is not updated
4.7.3 CPFPDT-3377 Java Crash in 4.7.1_16575
4.7.2 CPFPDT-3412 findByAttributes Crash
4.7.2 CPFPDT-3398 Method Execution via Web Service Fails
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3382 NPE for empty parameters in expression function calls
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3361 NPE when closing Application Builder
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3359 Security Patch
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3345 Connection graph error in Inpraxius (recent upgrade to 4.7)
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3312 Workbench – You can create a duplicate user
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3294 New Application opens tab in Model Builder
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3263 Fresh Attribute Constraint not evaluated
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3261 Wrong name on Attributes in constraints
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3258 Knowledge Set – possible to save without name and XML
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3257 You can create a duplicate user
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3254 Valueset on attributes
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3251 Lack of space when AND/OR statements are mixed
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3250 Delete entity API endoint can’t produce XML
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3247 AND / OR menu does not hide when another group is activated
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3246 Knowledge Set list includes deleted items
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3244 Knowledge Set – the Run button sticks in running mode
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3240 New API – can’t get list of Knowledge Set
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3227 Doubleclicking an application selects it
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3225 LDAP Tool creates copies
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3224 Methods COMMIT ignores DELETED
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3208 Generate id endpoint in Entity API can’t return XML
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3187 SeeFlaw failure – managing AssDef and Ass
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3157 Model Builder – classify Ass Def -> error
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3136 Application Builder – web page component need translation to swedish
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3128 Knowledge Set: result headers are wrong
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3122 Model Builder – Clients crash when two users are editing the same cell in matrix.
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3106 Web Search – translation en -> se
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3100 Knowledge Set – order by indication is not persistent
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3099 Knowledge Set – if I change definition in base query the available columns does not update
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3097 Web Search – OR “group” (without definition) cannot be run on its own
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3041 Nested Units:Fixed & Default Definition must NOT be abstract
4.7.1 CPFPDT-3032 Web Search – Query result attribute takes the wrong name
4.7.1 CPFPDT-2891 fat Verso – Recursive Reverse tree on attribute reference (Ass) cause error
4.7.1 CPFPDT-2865 Web Matrix – two menus is one to many?
4.7.1 CPFPDT-2836 Web map – tooltip move when properties are changed for view
4.7.1 CPFPDT-2760 Manager AssDef – implemented By does not set icon
4.7.1 CPFPDT-2513 Inherited Attributes Wrong
4.7.1 CPFPDT-2410 Web – opening the 6th view in new browser tab (IE 11)
4.7.1 CPFPDT-2397 inorigo crashes when a matrix based on a dataset references a @Y_Object
4.7.1 CPFPDT-2370 Server – Tomcat service need restart regularly
4.7.1 CPFPDT-2305 fatVerso – network reconnect does not automatically update view
4.7.0 CPFPDT-3082 It is possible to Edit data in Generic context
4.7.0 CPFPDT-3224 Methods COMMIT ignores DELETED
4.7.0 CPFPDT-3183 Application Builder Nested Unit – Abstract definition will NOT automatically be set as Fixed value.
4.7.0 CPFPDT-3159 Edit Search: Clear Button does not work
4.7.0 CPFPDT-3042 Nested Units: Boxes used as value-sets MUST be of the correct type
4.7.0 CPFPDT-3026 Task Execution Hangs
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2922 Verso More Connections Right Click
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2903 Hibernate problem SUBROUTINE
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2899 GlobalQuery Fixed SQL Query Parameters
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2841 Integration Directory disturbed by Second installation
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2811 Intermittent Database locks halts methods containing multiple subroutines
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2801 Client Application Builder – Recursive settings take long time to open and error
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2796 Legacy Verso crash when empty or missing background resource
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2776 Web Map slow in Chrome
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2722 Color db storage not consistent
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2718 Verso header empty space
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2711 Web – Instance relations not displayed in Matrix
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2680 Query generates warnings in server log
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2676 Stack Overflow in Icon evaluation
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2674 AVP – panel freeze when adding a definition from same structure
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2672 AVP – a new item on web is created twice in Manager
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2655 getAttribute WebMethod wrong
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2654 Worbench does not detect Language change
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2646 Application Export doesn’t work if the Application name contains a : (colon)
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2645 Model Builder: The XML is cropped in the Application XML field
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2644 XML issue in Transaction Web Service
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2641 “Illegal” Attribute References
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2636 Show Bundles not working for Classification
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2566 Client Application Builder – new relation is not available
4.7.0 CPFPDT-2160 Menu boxes appear wrongly after disconnecting and reconnecting vga cable


Known Issues


A filter component needs to be designed at least 120 pixels in height for drag select to work on web.

Embedded Applications

When an Application is embedded in a domain that is different from the domain that the Application resides, the browser will not display the Application unless it allows third party cookies or if the Application domain is exempt in the browser settings.

Example: The web page domain = and the embedded Application stems from:

Default media player

When using Windows Media Player as the default media player for e.g mp3 and m4a files there is a problem opening these resources from inorigo®. Install another media player, e.g. VLC and use as default player to play the files.

Attribute Reference Value in inorigo® Application Builder

The Search Panel allows you to search for units which are referenced from other units, i.e. Attribute References. However, the selection in the drop down is not narrowed down to the reference’s definition. This is not a new behavior, but has become apparent for Associations. If you for instance have the association definitions Employment and Marriage, which both have (at least) a Person-attibute. You will then get the attribute reference search options for Employment and Marriage when you search for a Person. The contents of these boxes are not filtered, i.e. you will find Marriage in the Employment-box and vice versa. See also ticket #4074.

Integration File Manager throws NullPointerException

On occasion the Integration File Manager throws a java.lang.NullPointerException when you create a new directory. If you perform a refresh in the dialog you will see that the directory has been created. The bug has been difficult to reproduce, but occurs frequently on some machines and there is no apparent reason for this behavior. If you try and create yet another directory the exception is no thrown. This is a known bug and is reported as ticket #4078. The ticket is closed at the moment, but may be re-opened on request.

Large Resource content consumes all memory

If you have large content in a Resource, e.g. images or other type of documents, you may run out of memory, both on the server and on the client. It is difficult to predict reasonable sizes, since it is the cumulated size of the resource content at any given time in combination with other objects that may consume all available memory. In order to maintain large Resource content inorigo® requires a redesign of the underlying object structure which currently loads the binary data into memory when accessed in the client. This is reported as a bug and will be addressed in a future release. See ticket #4139.

Missing background images in inorigo® Application Builder

It has been reported (#4138) that if you have large images as backgrounds in inorigo® Application Builder components, i.e. >1MB, they may not be painted which results in a black background. This behavior occurs sporadically on some client configurations. If this problem should arise, replace the background images with a smaller version, i.e. reduce quality or resolution of the picture since it is not intended for printing. This is related to ticket #4139.

Cannot add more than 8 groups to a chart (4.7.1)

The plus symbol for adding additional groups to a chart disappears when adding more than 8 groups to any chart that supports multiple groups in the Application Builder. There are two workarounds to solve this issue: 1) Scroll to the top of the settings menu and then scroll back again. 2) Extend width of the settings menu.

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